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AutomaticMail download (current version of 2.82 Mb) (Downloaded: 31634 , today: 7 )
AutomaticMail created for mail on a massive scale: can send emails to multiple recipients, with variable data (from letter to letter) are taken from the table
License: Shareware ($35) Buy



CalculationLaboratory download (current version (size of 4.36 Mb)(Downloaded: 28430 , today: 1 )
CalculationLaboratory - mathematical program that can handle scripts (its own programming language), can also handle extreme number.
License: Adware ($25) Buy



MessageDirector download (current version of 14.68 Mb)(Downloaded: 21429 , today: 0 )
MessageDirector: a program for creating and editing reminders that at a certain time, the task will be executed in the messages that you sent (only on russian).
License: Freeware



Calcum download (current version 0.1.39- note - development discontinued!) (Size: 6.23 Mb)(Downloaded: 17490 , today: 3 )
Multifunctional and multi calculator with skins, which can work with very large numbers (version Lite only on russian)
License: Freeware

Musicator download (current version (Size: 0.19 Mb) (Downloaded: 0 , today: )
Musicator 0.1 - software for creating and editing music .MPJ-files, as well as playback .Mid and .Wav files. (only on russian)
License: Freeware

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