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(current version    Updated:06.03.2020


AutomaticMail - the unique program for mailings. You undertake all your mailing. Think over it carefully, not each e-mail is read. Write mailing intelligently and use good programs of mailings. Usually it is possible to import letters and base of subscribers to the program of mailings. But AutomaticMail as in the program of mailings it is possible to import lists of addresses, tables, databases, and since recent time and data from the web page. It can be done with the help, templates, addressing receivers personally. In this program it is possible to filter the coming mail, according to rules, each letter, according to the rule it is saved the separate file of the folder, a line of tabular data. All this occurs automatically. To try it, it is enough to download of it.

License: Shareware ($65)    Buy  
Download     (Size of 62.28Mb) (Downloaded: 40778, today: 3) (version with database driver)
Download     (Size of 8.22 Mb) (Downloaded: 1797 , today: 0 ) (version without database driver)





We present to CalculationLaboratory - the program which contains high mathematical standards. Each calculation is followed by a high precision. The limit of number of calculations is your mind. The syntax of the CalculationLaboratory language repeats syntax of such languages as C, C ++, java, php. At the same time there is a bias in will shift the mathematical tasks requiring a special attention. Such problems of calculation time demand high computing power, but at the expense of it split-hair mathematical accuracy is reached. The program will open a great opportunity on computers, having larger efficiency since specifics of work of the program. It is much better, than to make mental arithmetics since routine human mind not to cope with the difficult numerical calculations. It is possible to tell with confidence that the mathematics will be required in all important areas. You can use the program free of charge, on condition of advertizing maintenance. In the paid version multidata-flow optimization and also support of a mantissa is available.

License: Adware ($25) Buy
Download (current version
(size of 6.56Mb)(Downloaded: 37376, today: 1 )






MessageDirector: a program for creating and editing reminders that at a certain time, the task will be executed in the messages that you sent (only on russian).

License: Freeware
Download (current version of 15.98Mb)(Downloaded: 24804, today: 0 )






We present to you Musicator - the program synthesizer which can train in good manners of your child. All played compositions can be kept and then to lose them as in a usual player (only on russian)

License: Freeware
Download (current version (Size: 1.75Mb) (Downloaded: 21459, today: 2 )


Sets of styles and other:



XMPack - the collection of sound subjects, prompts and cursors

License: Freeware
Updated: 13.01.2019 (size 44.29Mb) (Downloaded: 2630, today download: 1 )  
Download (version


Outdated software:


Calcum Download (current version 0.1.39- note - development discontinued!) (Size: 6.23 Mb)(Downloaded: 20201 , today: 0 )
Multifunctional and multi calculator with skins, which can work with very large numbers (version Lite only on russian)
License: Freeware

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